laurentraynor07 asked: Hi Just to let you know I love your blog, it's great :) However, I'm from the uk, and the other day you reblogged a game of thrones spoiler for me before the episode had aired over here yet. I'm sure you didn't mean it but I thought I'd let you know in case you didn't because I don't want to unfollow you! It airs Monday nights for us, just if you wanted to know so it doesn't happen again :) Thanks, keep up the good blog!

Nope, I did not know it aired over there on Monday. I will try to tag stuff with “spoiler” but there is no guarantee that it will always be tagged because a lot of time I’m on my phone while cruising tumblr. So forgive me if on occasion a slip up happens. 

Now that I finally found my student ID I can do something about this.

Okay, looking up more info, it says summer registration just began April 10th and runs through May 19th.

Suddenly I feel a whole lot better.

Hopefully this is a good sign.